The Medical Tourism $6000 Rule

Your own medical tourism and medical travel experiences are going to vary a lot depending on circumstances.  However MedRetreat, a major provider of medical tourism services, offers us their “$6000 rule” as a helpful “rule of thumb” to help decide if it’s worth it to travel to another country for a medical procedure  (I think this is generally talking about Americans traveling away from home).     The simple rule is that if the procedure will cost more than $6000 here at home it’s probably going to save you money to travel abroad to have it done, if the medical procedure will cost less than $6000 you won’t save money by becoming a medical tourist.

However, keep in mind that even if the procedure will cost less than $6000 in the USA you may want to have it done abroad so you can enjoy what will still be close to a “free trip”.

Obviously you’ll want to consider many factors other than cost, but if you are generally comfortable with travel, and especially if you are planning a trip to a country with excellent medical tourism facilities anyway, you’ll want to think about adding some medical attention to your trip to save a bundle as well as enjoy the extra care and attention you can expect from facilities that specialize in catering to the medical traveler.

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