Medical Traveling back online, hospital database coming soon

Thanks to some very high level attention at GoDaddy after a surge in traffic last week, Medical Traveling is back online and now hosted in a better fashion than before, on GoDaddy’s grid server system where traffic spikes should not cause a problem.

My advertising campaign for this site was – in a way – too successful, and the traffic spike killed Medical Traveling as well as several of my other blogs and sites for about 24 hours.     I was initially upset at Godaddy but they really came through for me after CEO Bob Parsons got directly involved, perhaps after I tweeted him with my complaint.    The new server is much more robust and I don’t expect any more downtime.

The Thailand Tourism Medical Blog contest will be announcing contest finalists later.

Athough I’m hoping to win one of the trips to Thailand to review their medical tourism industry this blog will expand soon in any case because Medical Travel and Tourism is of great interest to me and I think it will be of great interest to a growing number of people as the global health care challenges shake out in the coming years.    I’ll be in Vietnam for the month of February 2011 and in addition to building out a Vietnam section at Online Highways and travel posts at I’ll have a fairly extensive review the Vietnam medical tourism industry.

Here in the USA the fate of President Obama’s new national healthcare changes is somewhat unclear because of recent changes in control of the US House of Representatives.   However even if his plans go through largely intact, there will remain a need for cheaper alternatives to outrageously priced medical procedures here in the USA, which are often up to ten times as expensive as comparable procedures and hospital care overseas.

Here at Medical Traveling we’ll explore the benefits and he challenges of overseas health care.    As this industry expands there will be more and more opportunities for Americans to combine medical needs and travel in creative ways – effectively getting a free vacation as well as top of the line care in countries like Thailand, India, Vietnam, and Costa Rica.

Stay tuned, and keep that passport up to date!

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