Medical Tourism Magazine

An excellent resource for those interested in Medical Tourism and Medical Travel is Medical Tourism Magazine , which features news and stories about the rapidly growing field of Medical travel.

Do note that the focus of this magazine appears to be more on serving industry providers than medical tourists as we see in this interesting excerpt from the latest issue:

Articles on the U.K. talk about an estimated forecast of 174,600 citizens traveling abroad for 2010; the province of Alberta, Canada, has about 46,000 patients waiting for some kind of surgery; more than 250,000 U.S. patients travel abroad every year to search for medical attention. These are readily available numbers from reliable sources, but the fact is that these numbers are estimations and there is still no official count as to the actual number of people traveling abroad to receive medical attention – hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of persons could be benefiting from the availability of excellent medical attention at affordable prices around the globe.

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